Committed Gardens

SAMA stocks up rather directly with organic and natural producers. These are selected on criteria of quality and purity, in particular for essential oil, but also on social and environmental criteria. The complementary(additional) supplies are confided(entrusted) to agents who share the same values and the same ethics.

SAMA works in association with committed and innovating distillers who are eager to protect the craft and traditional methods of manufacturing. SAMA has a chance being able to work with professionals of her region for the supply of raw materials (plant Oil, essential Oil, label …)

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Sacred Gardens

SAMA produces natural and biological flavors according to the former techniques of the fine perfume shop. SAMA is a natural perfumer, not a mark which refers only to the Nature. His approach is really natural. If she does not go as far as distilling the roses flowers and the orange blossom, as did it one of his founders, SAMA always prepares herself its own dyes (vanilla pods, roots of diverse and wild iris, flowers other vegetables), make up more than ever his own flavors and especially keeps producing them in the hand, at first the invaluable concentrated then the delicate stakes in alcohol.

SAMA so tries hard to protect the purity and the energy of plants up to the perfume bottle. Inspired by the cultures of parts of the country, close or distant, visited in the collection of the source of the most subtle and the purest ingredients, the flavors of SAMA take up with the traditional art of the sacred perfume shop.

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