SAMA creates and produces exceptional personalized perfumes.

These perfumes are in harmony with the soul. The creation process begins with a personalized interview, a consultation in which Stella will take into account the nature of the soul, its genealogy and its latent potential, which will give a boost to the consultant thanks to an alchemy and other methods put to contribution (like the tarot and its symbolic, the alignment of the chakras, the Chinese medicine, and the yi ching).

Plants are the magnets and companions of our ways of life. Once assembled, their scent will resonate with the astrological map, like a talisman.

It is from this return to the original matrix which knows the archetypal plan of the soul on Earth that Stella will assemble the essences, therefore their vibrations, which will answer to the subtle necessities of the soul.

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Annick Le Guerer talk about Sama

Like the precious stones and crystals that have the power, recognized today, to spread luminous vibrations, the perfume diffuses around us waves. It puts us in a state of deep resonance with our self and with what surrounds us.

Fragrances also have an effect on our emotional, psychic and spiritual state. Physiochemical analyzes show the links between health and olfaction. As the sense of smell is directly related to the limbic system on which our emotions depend, it is easy to understand that the inhalation of high quality essential oils allows the rebalancing of our affects. Fear, stress, lack of self-confidence, anger, difficulty concentrating can be dissolved in this way.

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