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Here you will find the list of available products that can be ordered directly from the contact form.

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Les soins Visage :

Crème Extrême
Crème Damas Rose
Sérum Sacré
Sérum Eyes
Crème Rose Teintée
Sérum Bright
Sérum Purifying Oil
Sérum Calming oil
Perfect Soft Mask
Purifying Mask
Lip Balm
Peeling Quotidien
Toner Rosemary Lavender, Damas Rose, Orange Blossom

Soins du Corps

Ultra rich Body
Fit Cellulite
Vata Body Cream
Shea Butter Balm
Extrême Body Oil Chakra II

Soins du Cheveux

Silky Hair

Les 7 Parfums

Jardin d’Iris
Deva des Fleurs
Magda Rosa
Lily Fiori
Loup des Steppes
Ambar Yaar
Oudh Jasmin


Soul’s Perfume